What are Reps? How do they work?

Offer sales reps, promoters and affiliates a commission to bring you bookings


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What are Reps?

BoothBook's Reps feature allows you to offer sales reps / promoters / affiliates a commission for bringing in bookings to your business. Customers book your services through Reps' individual referral links. Your Reps can earn commission per booking, and as an Admin, you can set whether this is a fixed or percentage amount per Rep. Reps is a great way to track and encourage the promotion of you business, whether it's promoted by staff at events or through venues' websites.

Do Rep Links help my website ranking?

Yes! If you use your main website URL as your redirect link - then it actually counts as a 301 redirect! This means anyone who shares their rep link, or embed it in their website is actually creating a back link to your website. Pretty cool!

Who Can Be A Rep?

Anyone can be a Rep for your business, staff members, venues or stand alone reps. Each Rep has their own Reps dashboard where they can view and track commission they've got for upcoming, available, pending or paid amounts.

How Can I Manage Reps?

Configure settings and manage Reps through your BoothBook system:

How Is Commission Tracked?

Sales reps, promoters or affiliates offer customers to use their individual Rep links to make a booking on your BoothBook landing page. Once the customer lands on your booking page, the link triggers a session to be set in their browser. This session lasts for 1 Year on the user's browser so if they don't book straight away, the rep link can still be tracked as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The customer books within a year on that device
  • The customer doesn't clear their cache on that device
  • The customer doesn't book via a New Rep link (newer Rep links will replace any previous tracked Rep links)

Reps are not paid directly through boothbook. They need to be paid outside of boothbook.

Staff can not be paid inside of boothbook either. Staff pay needs to be handled by an outside payroll company. 

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