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Manage Commission on Bookings

View & Edit Commission and Rep on a Booking:

  • Go to your Bookings list (diary icon)
  • Navigate to the booking
  • Click on the folder icon on the bottom right
  • Any commission earned on that booking will appear, the name of the Rep and their commission amount
  • To update the Rep on a booking, edit the booking (via the cog icon)
  • Scroll down to the Admin section
  • Click in the Rep field, clear out the Rep ID
  • Start typing the Rep's name and select from the list that appears
  • Click Save Changes. The new Rep will appear under the folder icon.

View Reps' Commissions

In People > Reps, each Reps Dashboard enables you to monitor how many more bookings Reps are taking in for your business, here you can look at their progress and manage their ongoing payments.

Monitor Reps Progress

You can monitor your Reps' progress by using the Bar chart displayed at the top of your Dashboard, as soon as a Rep makes a booking through the referral link this will be added and over time this will build up their bookings reflecting how many they have made over the last year. You can also look at the Stats field also, which will let you know how many clicks the referral link has received.

Following these you will also be able to see Reps unique referral link which is automatically generated by your BoothBook system, which will include the Reps ID making this identifiable to the individual. For Reps who may have a website in which they can use to promote your business and gain further bookings, the Website/Email Embed link is available. Simply place the code onto the chosen website or in a HTML email to direct traffic to your website.

Rep's Commission Payments

You can see Rep's commission payments within their Dashboard under Account Balance:

  • Upcoming - These are recorded commission payments for events where the date has not yet passed.
  • Available - These are commission payments that are available for Reps to request, one requested will be moved to the Pending section.
  • Pending - These are commission payments that have been requested and are awaiting confirmation and payment from Admin.
  • Paid - These are commission payments that have been made and marked as paid by Admin.

When Withdrawals have been requested, a list will display the status and dates of payments. A Bookings list then gives you details of which bookings earned this Rep their commission, ordered by furthest away event date at the top. REPS are not paid through Boothbook. Staff also are not paid through Boothbook and will need a 3rd party payroll company. 

Manage Commission Payment Requests

Commission payments are not available to Reps until the event date, for which they are receiving the commission, has passed. Once the Rep has made enough commission to meet the minimum withdrawal amount, the option to Request Withdrawal will appear in the Account Balance field. Once this option has been selected a pop up field will display asking for the Reps Account Number and Branch Sort Code for the Admin to make the transaction. After the request has been made, the amount will be moved from the Available to Pending, this will also update on the below Bookings list. As an Admin, when a Rep Requests a Withdrawal:

  • Admins will have a red notification icon on their People & Reps menu icons as well as on View Payouts in the top right hand side of your Manage Reps page
  • Click on View Payouts
  • You can filter at the top of this page to view Pending or Paid requests or per Rep.
  • Once each request has been paid (externally from your BoothBook system), mark them as Paid under Status. These payments will also show as Paid in the Rep's Dashboard.
  • You also have the ability to delete the payment request by selecting Delete Payout. This will delete the withdrawal request and the commission will move from the the Pending section back to the Available section in the Rep's dashboard.

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