How to Create a Proposal


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Proposals enable you to send your Leads a professional and presentable quote. Proposals should be created, written and displayed in a way that answer the needs and requirements of the customer.

By utilising our latest Proposal feature, you have the tools and opportunity to convert more of your Leads into Bookings by offering a more personalised and impressive quotation.

1. Go to your Leads page (message icon in the left hand admin menu)

2. Locate the customer that you want to send the proposal to (or a Add a New Lead) then edit the lead from the right hand side Options

3. If you'd like to reserve the date (block other customers from booking the unit and date) select Availability Settings

4. Under Event Information, take note of the data already gathered. Use this to suggest the right services for them within the content of their proposal

5. Under Package Information, select a service and package according to the customer's needs and any extras if applicable. You can add custom quote packages, extras and a travel fee here if needed

- Note: If using custom naming, packages, extras, or pricing you can not use the "Amend" button and must use the Accept button. These items will not show in the booking form if the client clicks amend.

6. Click Save to save the Lead information

7. Locate the Lead again and click on their Proposal button, then click Edit

8. Click the Switch Proposal Theme Icon in the top bar, to choose a different Theme layout (purchase may be required for themes not included in your plan)

9. Click on the Cog Icon, Navigate to the Style tab to select a Colour Palette and see the effects of different colour choices in your Proposal (or pick Custom to choose your own)

10. Click on the Content tab, to configure other Display options, such as the Accept and Amend buttons.

11. Once you have a layout and colour theme appropriate for your customer, update any text and images on your proposal. Any variables (eg. {{event_date}}) will show the correct information to the customer when viewed (preview using the eye icon in the top bar) as long as the data exists within their Lead information

12. Click Save

13. Like the set of content and colours you've created, save as a template for next time!

14. Next steps are to Send the proposal via the envelope icon in the top bar. Send via Email or SMS (as long as you've set up SMS integration)

15. Keep an eye on when the customer views your proposal via the envelope icon in the top bar, then the Analytics tab. You can turn admin notifications for customer views on/off via Top User Menu > Settings > Proposals

16. What's Next? - The customer books! You'll receive a normal booking notification when your customer accepts or submits the booking and your customer will turn green on your Leads page

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