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You have the opportunity to reserve dates permanently or for a fixed amount of time for individual customers. Reserving these dates means you can give certain customers a bit more time to consider booking you for their event.

  1. Find your customer in your Leads list (or add them as a new Lead)
  2. Edit the lead by clicking on the options on the right hand side
  3. Under Availability Settings, you have your date options:
  • Date Open - any other customer can book this date when landing on your BoothBook page
  • Date Reserved (Permanently) - select an available Unit to reserve for this event date. This will mean that there will be less units available to other customers landing on your booking form for this event date.
  • Date Reserved (Temporarily) - set a date and time that you'd like this event date and unit to be available to other customers again. Select an available Unit to reserve for this event date.
    4. Save the lead
    5. Convert the Booking or Send a Proposal

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