Capture Leads Via Your Booking Form


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Allow your availability calendar and booking form to save customer information if they don't immediately confirm the booking. 

Capture an Email on the Booking Calendar

This will require a customer to enter an e-mail address before checking your availability, and it will add their e-mail to your Lead pipeline. This will enable you to follow up with them, if they don't complete the booking form. Remember not to contact them too quickly, they might still be going through the booking process! By requiring customers to enter en email address when checking availability, you may also need to comply with certain laws in order to store their data and contact them. Find out how to set up data privacy here.

  1. Go To > Top User Menu > Settings
  2. Go to Booking Form Admin Notifications
  3. Tick Add e-mail field to booking widget
  4. Save Configuration 
Use the Automations Trigger: When a date is checked to notify yourself when a potential customer checks a date on your booking calendar

Allow Customers to Save a Quote on the Booking Form

The Save Quote Prompt appears on the booking form and allows customers to save some basic info by entering an email address. It will also enter the customers details into the lead pipline, and optionally send them an email with their quote.

Go To > Top User Menu > Settings

Go to > Booking Form >

Go to Save Quote Prompt
Tick Enable Save Quote Prompt
  1. Choose whether the form appears Inline (below Packages or Extras) or acts as a Pop-up. If a Pop-up, add a Time Delay in milliseconds for after they've selected a package.
  2. Choose whether to Auto-Send the quote to the customer immediately or disable if you want to send your own written quotes.
  3. Tick Enable Phone Field to ask the customers for their phone number too.

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