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If the customer wants to think about booking and you've saved them as a lead, you could send them some more information, a brochure or a proposal via email for example.

  1. Once emailed, click on the Leads (messages) icon in the top left of your BoothBook dashboard
  2. On the relevant Lead, click on the client name eg. ***Joe Bloggs, click in the next Activity text box to record any actions on the Lead eg. [Chris] 20/11/2019 @ 15:33 - Emailed Joe the Magic Mirror quote.
  3. Under the Status, select a pipeline status if any are applicable eg. Sent Quote - find out how to add new statuses here.
  4. Click Save
  5. On the Leads page, the pipeline statuses will be updated, these are clickable to show you all Leads which are New, Sent Quote, Stale etc.

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