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Troubleshooting and solutions for embedding BoothBook widgets on your website


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If you are unable to view an embedded widget on your website, work through the following solutions:

General Troubleshooting

  1. View Your Live Website - Custom code widgets may not show correctly whilst viewing in edit or preview mode. Try saving your updates, log out (or open an incognito tab) and view your live website page.
  2. Check Areas Surrounding Your Widget Block - some website builders add their own animations to surrounding areas of their themes which can effect the display of external code blocks (where you widgets are located) - in older browsers especially. Contact your website builder company to check if this is effecting your website.
  3. Whole Widget Not Displaying - if some of your widget gets cut off, find the section in your code: /app/widget.js and replace it with: /app/widget-noconflict.js. Save your changes and view your live website to review that the issue is resolved. (NOTE: this solution does not apply to BoothGallery embedded gallery widgets)
  4. You've Updated Your BoothBook Domain - If you've updated your original BoothBook system domain, you may need to re-add your website embedded widget code to your website so that it links to your system.  

Wix - Widget won't connect to your site or submit doesn't work?

Wix tends to sandbox the HTML code from accessing anything outside of Wix at the moment. You can get Boothgallery and the other widgets to show using the "Webpage" box instead of the HTML box, but unfortunately, there is no workaround for this besides upgrading to Wix Premium or using a different web host.

Wordpress - 403 Forbidden Error Using Elementor with Wordpress?

A plugin called Wordfence is an automatic plugin, unfortunately it is known to block the use of iframes on your site. You can deactivate this in your plugin section. This is to be done at your own discretion.

Squarespace - Full Widget Not Showing in Squarespace Website?

Certain templates will have Ajax Loading enabled which can be turned off by going your Squarespace account Home Menu > Design > Site Styles Site: Loading, then uncheck "Enable Ajax Loading". This is to be done at your own discretion, some Squarespace templates require Ajax Loading to be enabled, you can find out more here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000253288-Ajax-loading.

IONOS(1&1) / Duda/ Other Website builders - Widget causing edit issues with website or conflicting with other code?

The Javascript creates an error so you need to remove the Javascript from your widget code and manually set a minimum height for the code. It will look like:

<iframe scrolling="no" src="https://booking.yoursite.com/widgets/manage-widget" style="width:100%;border:none;min-height:750px;"></iframe>

The following are guide heights that can be added in the code. A suitable display can depend on the number of elements in the widget, so these should be checked in the live view (including smaller screen sizes) and adjusted (increase the number of px/pixels) if necessary:

  • Calendar Widget: min-height:520px
  • Lead / Contact form: min-height: 800px
  • Manage Booking Widget: min-height:370px

What Widgets Are Available?

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