A customer has booked without paying a deposit


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It was decided early on, that rather than lose customer data if their card didn't work at the time of booking, we would save their data, and give the business owner a chance to follow up and take a payment.

Most of the time it's down to the wording in the booking process, there a few things you can do...

  1. Change the message that shows once the form is submitted. Make it sound stricter. something like... "Thank you for reserving your date, your booking is being held for the next 30 minutes, and may be deleted if a deposit is not received"
    • To do this click Top User Menu > Settings and then Translate
    • Scroll to Customer Messages and edit Before Checkout Message.
2. Set an Automation email to go to the customer 1 hour after booking if no balance has been paid saying. "Your booking reservation has been scheduled for deletion as no deposit has been received - please log into your account here to pay your deposit and secure your booking"
3. Send yourself an Automation email or SMS 2 hours after booking if no payment is received with the clients phone number or email so you can follow up manually and request payment.

Then, if all that fails - delete or cancel the booking.

We've only had it happen ourselves a few times, and 9/10 times when we follow up, there's been a problem with their card or bank balance, or they want to speak to someone to pay with an alternate method.

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