Creating a Subdomain and an A Record for BoothBook

Create a URL for your BoothBook based on your domain


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Your BoothBook account is set up and found on a subdomain using your own top level domain e.g. or one we have provided eg.

To use your BoothBook on your domain, you'll need to create a Subdomain and an A Record for your website address by editing its DNS settings in your domain hosting account (where you bought your URL).

What is a Subdomain, DNS and A Record?

Subdomain: Your memorable web address for the booking side of your website eg.

DNS: Domain Name Servers (DNS) are the Internet's equivalent of a phone book. They maintain a directory of domain names and translate them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

A Record: An Address record (A Record) is a DNS record that can be used to point the Subdomain for your BoothBook at our IP address which is where we keep your BoothBook system.

Create a Subdomain and an A Record

  1. Log in to the company website where you purchased your domain, edit the domain you wish to use, edit DNS settings and add an A Record using the following details. This will point your Subdomain to our BoothBook IP address:
  2. Type: A - this is the type of record added
  3. Host: booking - this is your chosen subdomain such as "booking", "book" or "reservations" etc.
  4. IP: - this points your subdomain to the BoothBook server
  5. TTL: 14400 or 30 min - if applicable
  6. It can get a bit confusing as every Domain Registrar seems to have a different process! If you are happy to edit your own DNS records, add an A Record and Subdomain but need a point in the right direction, check out some of the guides below:
  7. It may take up to 48 hours for your custom subdomain to set up properly, you can check on its progress by entering your subdomain eg. into this website: and click Search. If correct, you will start to see green ticks appearing soon after you've created your A Record, like below.
  8. Once every row has a green tick, and is pointing at only your subdomain is ready to add to your Vanity Domain field in your BoothBook account under Top User Menu > Settings > Branding > Domains. 

If you are stuck with this, it is likely easier for you to contact your registrar (the company who provided your domain), however we can help, Live Chat with us here.

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