Update Your BoothBook URL

Update your system domain and your vanity domain, also known as URL or subdomain.


Last Update 9 个月前

NOTE: This article is for accounts that were created after 17th February 2022. Under Top User Menu > Settings > Branding, you will have Domains options. If you cannot see this in your account, head to Change your BoothBook Subdomain instead.

System Domain

You have the option to update your system domain URL if you change your business name for example since first setting up. Your System Domain will always be followed by our server name eg. .s1.boothbook.com

  1. Go To > Top User Menu > Settings > Branding
  2. Under Domains > System Domain, enter your new chosen URL name eg. from myboothbusiness to bestboothbusiness
  3. Save Configuration
  4. Your System Domain will show in your URL bar across your account (If you also have a Vanity Domain set, this will exclude any customer facing pages)
  5. If you have embedded any BoothBook widgets in your website, you will need to update the code to include your new system domain name

Vanity Domain

When leads and customers contact you and book online through your website, they can proceed through to your BoothBook software on your own brand's subdomain allowing you to offer a full white-labelled journey to your customers. This provides customer assurance that they are booking directly with you, makes you look far more established, and it looks far more professional than sending customers off to a third party booking website.

Your Vanity Domain is a subdomain controlled by your main website URL eg. booking.mybusiness.com.

  1. Ensure you have added your subdomain as an A Record in your domain hosting account before updating your Vanity Domain in your BoothBook system - Find out how here
  2. Go To > Top User Menu > Settings > Branding >
  3. Under Domains > Vanity Domain, enter your subdomain eg. booking.mybusiness.com
  4. Save Configuration
  5. Your Vanity Domain will show in your URL bar across any customer facing pages
  6. Any embedded BoothBook widgets in your website will not be affected - these rely on your System Domain instead

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