Why Can't I Log In?

Trouble with your login? Check these common areas for logging in and accessing your BoothBook account


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There could be a few reasons for why you are not able to log in to your BoothBook account. Please have a look at some of our tips to get logged in.

1. Find The Correct Log In Page

Ensure you're trying to log into your own subdomain and account at e.g. booking.mybusiness.com or mybusiness.s1.boothbook.com. Your subdomain account URL will have been emailed to you when signing up (check spam folder too).

You can also access the login page at the bottom of your landing page at your subdomain URL eg. booking.mybusiness.com or mybusiness.s1.boothbook.com, click on the Staff link or add /user to the end of your subdomain URL e.g. booking.mybusiness.com/user or mybusiness.s1.boothbook.com/user

2. Use Correct Details

Ensure you're using the correct log in details, check that the username and password you are entering is correct.

3. Reset Your Password

If you are having trouble with your password, go to the login page (eg. booking.mybusiness.com/user or mybusiness.s1.boothbook.com/user) and click on the Request new password link (You can also access this reset password page by adding /user/password to the end of your subdomain URL). Check your user email address for a reset password email - including spam folder. 

4. Don't Get Blocked! 

If you incorrectly enter your username and password too many times, our servers will suspect you are a bot and may block your IP address. Wait 1 hour before resetting your password and trying again.

5. Recently Moved Domain Hosting Account?

If you've moved your domain hosting account to another provide, you will also need to move/ re-create your BoothBook subdomain/ A Record in order for you and your customers to continue to be able to access your BoothBook system. - Find out how here

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