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Website traffic tells you how many visitors you have going onto your site, you can also find out what is working best to increase your traffic as well as what isn't.

For some more information on how to improve traffic you can follow the link to one of our solution articles here!

This solution explains just one method of how you could increase your traffic using BoothGallery and BoothBook.

Create a Gallery Page on Your Website

Add a gallery page on your website to direct this traffic at eg.

Create A BoothGallery Widget to Place on Your Website Gallery Page

1. First you will need to log on to your BoothGallery account, next you will need to go to your Dashboard.

2. Next you will need to select Build your Widget. Alongside all your events you will now see a form called Layout which will ask you to complete the following fields for your widget; Rows/Grids Number of Columns, Number of Galleries(choose 4/5 columns and 24-30 galleries), Font style, choose a Text and Background Color to compliment your website too.

3.You will also need to ensure the items thumbnails, title and date has been ticked also.

4. After you have completed these fields you will then need to copy the gallery code and paste this onto your website.

For more information on how to add a Gallery Widget please follow the link here!

Scheduled Notifications to include a link to your website

Scheduled notifications enable you to contact customers at ease, so why not create more traffic at ease too. You could set up a scheduled notification to be send to your customers shortly after their event with the notifications including a link to your website too. After an event the majority of customers will want to be able to view their photos so this would be a perfect example as to why they would need to go onto your website to access these. In the scheduled notification you would explain that their photos were ready to view on your website and if they wish to view these then please follow the link included in the email. The customer would then select this link to view their photos which would then direct them to your website so they could view these, this action would then create more traffic for your site as it will be more than likely that customers will share this link to their guests who also attended the event.

To create a scheduled notification go to Top User Menu > Settings > Automation > You can see it on the lower right part > Scheduled Notifications > Add a new Scheduled Notification. Following this you will then be able to add the content of the message you wish to send to customers for your scheduled notification, within this you will need to include the link to the photos. To include the link select and copy the URL and then paste into your message.

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