How to add a Facebook pixel code


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There are two ways you can add your Facebook pixel to your BoothBook. We recommend using the first process as this is more straight forward.

Option 1:

  • Head to Top User Menu > Settings > More Integrations > Facebook Pixel
  • Paste your Facebook Pixel ID. You can find this in your Facebook Ad Account > Pixels Tab > Events Manager
  • Click Save Configuration 

Option 2:

There is a section in BoothBook that allows HTML. You can use these sections to add javascript (which is what the Facebook Pixel is).

  • Copy your Facebook pixel code.
  • Log in to your BoothBook, Go to > Top User Menu > Settings go to Translate.
  • Go to the Landing Page
  • Click in the Welcome Message area and paste the copied Facebook pixel code
  • Click Save Configuration

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