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Written Instructions:

With Event Types set up, such as Wedding or Corporate, your customers will be able to tell you the type of event they're having whilst filling out the booking form. You can also create Packages and Extras just for those event types. This means you can target different industries with different descriptions for your extras and packages.

  1. In your BoothBook dashboard, go to Top User Menu > Settings and then to Event Types.
  2. Click Add a new Event Type.
  3. Enter a Title eg. Wedding or Corporate Function.
  4. You can also choose to select the 'Admin Only' checkbox which will only allow the Event Types to be visible to Admins. This will mean that this Event Type will not be displayed to customers on booking widgets or lead capture forms however you can still submit a booking with a hidden Event Type as an Admin - Perfect for adding Bridal Shows, Exhibitions, White label events & more. If you only have 'Admin Only' Event types, you will be prompted to select them when logged in but the customer will not be prompted.
  5. To complete this, select Save.

Basic, Pro & Enterprise Accounts: You can also add Auto Generated Tasks to your event types using the Task Builder tool. It allows you to schedule tasks and assign staff for Event Types and automatically adds that tasks to all bookings using that event type. For instructions on how to do this, follow this link to Task Builder: How to add/manage Auto Generated Tasks

When creating or editing Extras and Packages, you will now be able select the Event Types that they should be visible for.

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