Create and Manage Packages

How to create and manage different packages that customers can choose.


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What Is A Package?

A Package is essentially the individual product that you are selling and allows you to set the cost of your services. You can apply each Package to individual bookable unit types, and include a list Extras if you desire. 

Offering different packages to your customers for the same service can help customers feel like they've got more choice over their booking. For example, if you offer Bronze (basic service), Silver (basic service plus some extras) and Gold (everything included) priced packages, the customer would usually opt for the middle price point package. This allows you to up sell your Extras products from the start.

How to Add a Package

  1. Click the Assets (camera) icon on the tool bar on the left, then click on Packages.
  2. Click Add a new Package.
  3. Add in the Title, and the Service type/s it applies to.
  4. You have the option to Limit by Event Type if you only want to show the Business Package for Corporate types for example. - find out more about Event Types here.
  5. Enter the Price (in 50.00 format, the currency sign will be shown by BoothBook).
  6. Add a Description to sell this package.
  7. Optionally tick any Included Extras. You may have Extras that you want to appear in the list but don't sell them separately eg. Unlimited 4x6 Prints. To do this, simply add Unlimited 4x6 Prints as an Extra, tick Disable this Extra and set 0.00 as the price.
  8. Optionally enter time slot the customer receives with this package eg 2 Hours.
  9. Date Arguments will allow you to limit the Package to certain days of the week, as well as exclude or include individual dates - Find out more here
  10. You are able to tick Recommended - this will highlight to your customer that this would be the perfect package for them.
  11. Click Save. Once saved, the new package will appear as an option on your booking form once the applicable services have been selected by a customer.

How to Edit a Package

  1. Edit a Package by going to Assets > Packages and click the Edit link on the Package you want to change.
  2. Make all the changes you need but be aware you cannot change the price once a customer purchases the item as it would affect all existing and previous bookings. Find out more about why you can't simply edit the price of an existing Package.
  3. Click Save.

Can You Copy a Package?

Yes you can!

  1. Go to Assets > Packages
  2. Click the Clone link on the Extra you want to copy
  3. Ensure you give it a new Title and make any changes that makes this Package different such as the price, included extras or time slot
  4. Click Save.

How to Change the Price of an Existing Package

If you want to stop all future customers from purchasing a Package at the current price:

  1. Edit a Package by going to Assets > Packages and click Edit
  2. Tick Disable this Package. This will hide the item from the booking form, and place it at the bottom of the list on your Manage Packages page.
  3. You can then Clone the disabled Package, update the title, enter the new price.
  4. Click Save.

How to Add an Auto-Generated Task to a Package

Basic, Pro & En Accounts: You can add Auto Generated Tasks to your Packages using the Task Builder tool. It allows you to schedule tasks and assign staff for tasks associated to a package, and automatically adds that tasks to all bookings using that package. For instructions on how to do this, follow this link to Task Builder: How to add/manage Auto Generated Tasks

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