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The Booth Book system automatically takes into account the availability of your equipment when customers are booking your services.

View Unit Availability

You can view bookable unit availability by clicking on the Calendar icon in your dashboard and going to the Unit Availability Calendar (example image attached). Here, you can see at a glance when you have dates available if for example a customer telephones you and asks you which dates you have free or if you want to find time periods when you haven't got many bookings and might need to do more advertising for those dates.

You are able to see which bookable units are booked, available or unavailable on which dates and able to view dates by selecting the month at the top of the page.

Manually Edit Unit Availability

When you start adding in bookings and customers start booking online this calendar will start filling up automatically with with Booked dates.

However, you can edit a Bookable Unit's Availability manually if you need to from this Unit Availability Calendar page or the Bookable Units page, by clicking edit on the the individual Bookable Unit.

If required, you're able to manually enter any dates that the booth is Available, Booked, Unavailable or Reserved. Select the state and double click on a day you want to update eg. Christmas Day. You can also click on a date range to set a new state on a longer length of time if for example the Unit isn't available yet.

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