What to do if my BoothBook page is down

Follow these steps if you can't access your BoothBook system


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A few reasons as to why your BoothBook system could appear down and how to resolve these issues:

  1. Temporary Glitch - Try refreshing your internet browser.
  2. You've Moved Domain Hosting Account - If you have recently moved your domain to a new provider, you'll need to ensure you re-create your A Record for your subdomain in your new domain hosting account - find out how here
  3. Your Domain Has Expired - If your domain has expired, this will then cause your website and your BoothBook to become inaccessible via your subdomain. To resolve this, you will need to renew your domain by going to your domain hosting account.
  4. You've Changed Domain or Subdomain - You could be in the process of changing your domain or subdomain. Whilst redirecting your new subdomain for your BoothBook to the correct IP address, your system could temporarily be down during this switch over. Follow these articles if you want to change your BoothBook subdomain and any downtime should be at a minimum: 

If you have carried out the above checks first and this issue is not resolved, please contact us by starting a New Conversation in the live chat and include any further details of your issues. We will look to get the issue resolves as soon as possible.

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