Using Webform Submitted Data as a Variable

How to use the data submitted in webforms, and display it on Jobsheets, Client Portal, Contracts etc.


Last Update 9 måneder siden

Webforms are fantastic for capturing additional data - for example, DJ song choices, information about the venue, and pretty much anything else you can think of - but what if you need to display that data somewhere else in the system?

There is a simple method to enabling webform submitted data to be used as a variable.

Enable "Available as Variable" on the webform component

To be able to see webform submitted data as variables, you need to make sure you have enabled that component in the webform component settings.

To do this, edit your webform, go to the "components" tab, and edit the component that you wish you use as submitted data.

​If the component type allows customers to submit data, you will see a check box on this page that says "Available as variable". 

Please tick this, and save the component.

​Now when you are editing variables in the job sheet - you should see the webform submitted data option that you just enabled, now available as a variable.

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