Including Extras in a Package


Last Update 2 years ago

At times, there may be Extras that you want to appear in the Included Extras list in a Package (to make your offering look awesome!) but don't necessarily want to sell them separately eg. Delivery/Set Up/Break Down, Photobooth Attendant or Unlimited 4x6 Prints. To do this:

  • Add Delivery/Set Up/Break Down as a new Extra (Assets > Extras > Add a new Extras Product button), tick Disable this Extra and set 0.00 as the price and click Save
  • Repeat the above, adding an a new Extra for all others such as Photobooth Attendant or Unlimited 4x6 Prints
  • Once all Extras have been added, disabled and price set to 0.00, go to Assets > Packages and navigate to the applicable packages.
  • Edit each effected Package, and under Included Extras tick all that are applicable and Save.
  • Your included extras will now show on the booking form.

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