How do I use Results with Webforms?


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This tab displays a list of your submissions in chronological order. Here you can manage your submissions here by either viewing, editing, deleting. 


This tab shows an analysis of submitted date, such as the number of submissions per component value, calculations and averages. Additional components may be added under Add analysis component fieldset. Each time you make amendments to this tab, make sure you click Update analysis display to save your changes. 


  • Here you can download/export your webforms in a Microsoft Excel CSV (recommended) or delimited text format.
  • Choose if you want your export document to include your component labels as headers (recommended) or to stay blank.
  • Decide if you would like your list format to be displayed as:
- Separate = more suitable for building reports, graphs and statistics in a spreadsheet application.
- Compact = more suitable for importing data into other systems.
  • Not only will your component labels be included in your export, but additional submission information ie. completed time, modified time etc. Some of this information may be irrelevant to you so you can untick these boxes.
  • You may have downloaded the submissions in the past and therefore only need to download the most recent. You can do this by filtering in various ways ie. date range. To get an overall average, we would recommend downloading the full list each time and filtering on the exported document.

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