How do I Configure a Webform?

Editing your webform settings


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Go to: Configuration > Webforms > Select a Webform > Actions (right column) > Form Settings

Submission Settings

  • Confirmation message - Set a message your recipient receives on submission.
  • Redirection location - The recipients journey once they have submitted.
    a) Confirmation page = a blank page with your confirmation message displayed
    b) Custom URL = a specific page that you'd like your recipient to go ie. your website homepage
    c) No redirect = reloads your current webform but with empty fields. This then displays your confirmation message at the top in a green bar.
  • Status of this form - if set to closed, it will no longer send to a recipient when they've met certain requirements to prompt the webform.

Progress Bar

This is the element at the top of your webform. It guides your recipient through the multi-page webform so they know their progress and how many steps there are to complete for form. See example below:

Preview Page

Give the recipient the option to preview their finished webform before submitting it.

Advanced Settings

Submit button label - This is the final button before they submit their webform. By default it adds 'Submit' however you can personalise this to something fun like, 'I've finished!'

Watch this video to see the start of the process of building a webform!

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