Changing your email address

How to change your email address in BoothBook


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Change Your Business Email Address

To change your business' email address, Go To > Top User Menu > Settings > Contact & Location and change the Business E-mail Address field. 

By default, BoothBook will send you and your customers emails from your System Email, these will arrive including the following info:

From: [email protected]

Sender Name: Business Name

Reply-to: Business Email Address (so any replies are sent directly to you)

If you'd like your emails to be sent directly from your business email address, you'll need to set up using SMTP or SendGrid 

Change Your User Profile Email Address

To change your user profile email address, click on your profile picture (first icon in the left hand side bar) to expand the menu, and then click on Profile. In your profile, you can update your user email address. Please note: You will need to re-enter your password to make changes to your email.

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