Emails going into spam folders or not being delivered?

Follow these steps to ensure your BoothBook notifications emails are delivered to leads and customers


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Learn how to stop emails from your BoothBook going into your or your customers email spam/junk folders and ensure they are being delivered.

BoothBook notifies customers, admin and staff of booking and event information by sending out emails on your behalf. Sometimes your emails can not send for a variety of reasons - usually because your login details are incorrect, or your e-mail provider is blocking it, or because the content of your emails have been flagged as spam.

1: Find out how you are sending emails.

There are 3 methods for sending email in BoothBook. Depending on which one you have selected, the methods for diagnosing why your email isn't sending will be different.

  • System Email - When you use a System Email address, your emails will send from a email address with your actual email address set as the "reply-to" address to receive all responses.

  • SMTP - SMTP connects directly to your mail server to send email. This is the same as when you add your email account to receive and send email on your iPhone. In most e-mail clients, this will also put your outgoing e-mail into your sent folder.

  • SendGrid - This will bypass the BoothBook sending protocol entirely, and forward all outgoing email to the SendGrid API. Sign up for a SendGrid account at

2: Disable Read Receipts

In BoothBook, its possible to get a read receipt for someone receives your email. We do this by adding a tiny 1px transparent image into the footer of your emails and detecting when that image is loaded (Just like MailChimp does).

However, sometimes this can cause your email to be flagged as spam, especially if your email content only has a line or two of text. 

Go To > Top User Menu > Settings > Conversations and untick "Enable Read Receipts" to disable them.

3: Test Your Email

Go to

This will give you a unique dummy email address. Place a test booking on your BoothBook using this email address, and this website will give your email a score, anything over 8/10 should be absolutely fine. It will give you further steps that you can take action on if less than 8/10.

Below the test result, there are different sections that you can expand to read more about your score.

Things to look out for in the test:

  • SPF - A SPF record tells your e-mail provider that you are happy for someone else to send email on your behalf. Mail-Tester will tell you your current SPF record, and what the new one should be - follow the instructions from the Mail-Tester results. 
  • Spammy Content - Make sure that the content of your email is not fully of links, or spammy key words.

4: Outlook, Gmail & Hotmail (Free Mail)

Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail and other similar providers are called Free Mail providers. These are email addresses meant for personal use, NOT for business use.

There are known issues with outlook, gmail and & hotmail email addresses that do not allow other servers to send on their behalf. This is to stop spoofing of your email accounts from other spammy sources, but also stops the good guys like us sending from them too. The reason for this, is that they are only intended for people to send personal email to each other - there is limited support for integration into business related email tools, because Free Mail is not meant for businesses.

The only solution to this for the moment is to use an email address that matches your domain. E.g. [email protected]

You can add on email accounts at the place you bought your domain. Registrars like GoDaddy make it very easy to purchase a business email address.

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