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Sending bulk emails to Leads

1. Go to the Leads icon

2. Select the leads you wish to contact - for ease, you can filter your contacts ie. New, Sent Brochure, Sent Quote, Booked

3. Choose an Operation from the drop down menu > 'Send a bulk E-mail to Leads' and click Execute

4. Add your email subject and body content.

 - Your body can include HTML and images, but the images need to be hosted elsewhere and hotlinked into the email body.

5. You can add canned responses and variables to the emails (see bottom right of page for options)

6. Once happy, click 'Preview before sending' to ensure you are happy and it is pulling through the variable content correctly (please note that some variables are live data so won't have a value, such as convert to booking link).

7. Within the preview screen, we always recommend sending yourself a test email. You can double check the subject line is as you'd expect and all the content is looking correct.

8. When you are ready to send. Click the 'back' arrow and click Send Bulk E-mail (don't worry there's another step before it sends!)

9. Make sure you are happy with your actions and when you're ready, click Confirm to send.

10. All bulk emails will be stored in the bookings Conversations for reference. 

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