Automations: Sending a Conversation Message


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BoothBook allows our Basic, Pro & Enterprise users to configure actions that will cause an email to send based on . These could be a simple as a follow up email to a lead or booking or as complex as an email that only sends for certain conditions


For the purpose of this Article we'll be using a lead as an example and sending them a message after checking a date.

1. Create an Automation

Go to Top User Menu > Settings > Automations and click Create Automation.

  • The first thing you'll want to do is Turn on the automation with the switch in the corner.
  • Then name the Automation.

2. Select a Trigger

Finally select the Trigger of When a gallery link is added or amended. That means anytime you add the gallery link to the booking, it'll trigger this automation.

3. Configure the schedule & 4. Add the Conditions

For this automation you can skip this section.

5. Create the Action

  • Scroll down to Action section.
  • Click Add an action.
  • Select Send conversation message.
  • Type your subject and message. - you can use Variables in both sections.
  • Click Save

6. What's Next?

At this stage, depending on how you have your conversation settings setup for send actions, (Step 4 Here) it'll either send an email to the client with the above as an email, send a email that they have a conversation in their client portal and to log in to see it, or just send the conversation with no email notification.

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