Automations: Creating a Task


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BoothBook allows Basic, Pro & Enterprise users to configure actions that will create a task based on actions that occur inside of a booking or lead. You can use the task to remind your designer to create the template for an event. 


For the purpose of this Article we'll be using a when a template is chosen by a client.

1. Create an automation

Go to Configuration (gear) icon on the tool bar on the left, Automations and click Create Automation.

  • Turn on the automation with the switch in the corner.
  • Name the Automation.

2. Select a Trigger

Finally select the Trigger of When a template is chosen. That means when a customer chooses their template, the system will create a task to complete the template for them.

3. Configure the Schedule

You can leave this blank.

4. Add the Conditions

You can leave this blank if you'd like or are a Newbie.

If you are a Basic, Pro or Enterprise user you can also decide if there is some kind of conditional you would like if you want it to only create if they actually had a certain extra. For example, see below.

5. Create the Action

  • Scroll down to Action section
  • Click Add an action
  • Select Create Task
  • Fill out what the task should be. You can use variables as shown below.
  • Select who the task should be assigned to, or leave it blank to show for everyone.
  • Set your Priority and Status
  • Create a Due Date
  • Click Save

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