Adding a Refund


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When the customer is cancelling or needs a refund you will need to add the refund manually.

This process WILL NOT put the money back to the customer. That process is done in your payment processor's portal.

Once you are ready, follow the below steps to update the booking:

1. Look up the booking in the Bookings view

2. Find the payment you'd like to attribute the refund to, click the arrow icon next to it.

3. Enter the amount that needs to be refunded

4. Click Save Refund, the remaining balance will update automatically

5. You'll see that the arrow is Red next to a payment that has a refund and you can click it to see the refund amount.

6. Taxes: If you collect tax, when someone pays, you'll need to do the same process on the tax portion as in steps 3-5. You'll need to calculate what you should return in taxes.

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