Use 'no price mode' to quote clients before they create a booking


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No Price Mode removes the prices of your packages on all of your bookable units. This is for business owners that would like to quote their clients before they creating the booking.

Finding and enabling 'No Price Mode'

1. Go to the Configuration (cog) Icon on the toolbar on the left of your BoothBook dashboard

2. Click Global Settings

3. Select Additional Pricing>Price Display Options

4. Tick Enable "No Price Mode"

5. Click Save Configuration

The customer will now have a Quoted Price field on the booking form that they can input before sending through a booking, and no prices will show on the booking form.

An admin must then confirm that the price entered by the customer is the correct price. PLEASE NOTE: To use this, you MUST untick the Full balance payment option within Configuration > Global Settings > Booking Form > Payment Options.

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