How to Set up Backdrops as Extras


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You can set up Backdrops using Extras, and can also make selecting a Backdrop a required option.

1. Go to Assets>Extras Groups>Add a new Extras Group.

2. First you would need to title your Extras Group so i.e Backdrop Options, following this you can then add details as to what this Extra Group offers in the field below Group Description. Next you can choose how they display If you have a stand alone image of your backdrop we recommend the Backdrops display as it will show a couple in front of them. If you have an example image with subjects already on it, we recommend the Slideshow display. Next you can choose whether to set the group as required, so this will force customers to choose an option when booking, if so simply select the checkbox next to Make group required. Below this you can find another checkbox option asking you to Disable multiple options which will ensure customers can only choose one of the options displayed to them within the Extras Group. For the Backdrop options group you can select both of these, next select the Weight so this will choose where this Extras Group is displayed amongst your other Extras Groups available so i.e 1 meaning it will be displayed first. Once you have finished adding all the details for your Extras Group you can then select Save.

3. Now you have created your Extras Group, you will need to add Extras to this. So you will need to go to Assets>Extras>Add a New Extras Product.

4. First Title your Extra so i.e No Backdrop, Gold Backdrop, Floral Backdrop. You will then need to select the Unit's that this extra is available for under the field Choose Unit Type. If you would like your backdrops to be available for every Unit then simply select everyone of your Units. Next you can add a price to your Extra, if one of your options is No Backdrop then for this you would include a price of £0.00 as no backdrop would be being used. The next field will ask you to add your Quantity and Stock, you do not however need to fill out both of these fields if one already has an amount. So in Quantity I have put the amount of 3, for example and left the stock field blank. Next you can add an Image of your backdrop to the Display field as well as add details to describe your Extra available, you will then need to select the Extras Group you would like this Extra to be shown within so you would select Backdrop options. You can then choose the Weight of your Extra, you can then choose to complete the field for Upsell which allows you to sell your Extra at a discounted price and can push this Extra forward when customers are booking. The last field Additional settings enables you to limit your Extra by event or package as well as include the Enable template chooser. Once you are happy with your Extra you can select Save.

5. You can create as many backdrops as needed just ensure you include these within the Backdrop Extras Group, this will keep these options together and make sure customers can only choose one of these options when booking. When you have finished adding all your Extras to the Backdrops Group it should look similar to the below screenshot.

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