Taking Direct Payments with Bank Transfer, Zelle or Venmo

How to let customers pay with Bank Transfer / BACs / ACH / Wire Transfer


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Sometimes you might want customers to pay your invoices via bank transfer. There are multiple reasons to do this, the main one being to avoid credit card processing fees.

Add bank details to a custom Client Portal block

A simple way to add in your bank details is to create a client portal custom block. Go to your client portal settings, and rename a custom block to "Pay via Bank Transfer" (or whatever you'd like to call it) - then place your account number and sort code / routing number into the block content. Now just enable that block, and your bank details will appear on your clients portals.

Note: You might also want to disable the built-in "Make a Payment" block on this page.

Add bank details to your invoices

To add your bank details to your invoices, go to your Invoice settings, and add your account number and sort code / routing number into the "Invoice Footer Message" area. 

Bank Transfer vs Credit Card Processing

We recommend using a credit card processor instead of accepting Bank Transfers.

Why? You will be able to avoid the credit card processing by adding in your Bank Account details, but you will need to manually scan your bank account for payments, and add the payments to bookings so that payment reminders don't get sent out. It might save you a small amount of money saved in the short term, but often as you get busier and do more bookings the amount of time you spend reconciling payments makes the card fees worth it.

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