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Last Update 4 months ago

Choose whether or not customers can pay off their remaining balance through their client portal. Set how much they can pay off at a time or let them choose the amounts and set a minimum, it's up to you! Head to the Top User Menu > Settings > Client Portal > Make A Payment for the following settings. 

  • Tick Disable Remaining Payments to disable customers' ability to pay their remaining balance through client portal
  • Tick Show Suggested Amounts to show suggested amounts a user can pay off of their balance on their client portal. Choose Deposit, 50% of the remaining balance, and/or 100% of the remaining balance. You can also give the option for Customers can edit the field and define their own amount.
  • Enter a Minimum payment amount eg. 50 . This reduces the number of micro payments a customer can make on a booking which helps reduce your payment gateway costs. 

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