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Update the look of your BoothBook to reflect your brand


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Your BoothBook comes with the default theme enabled, which is the same for all users. This can be modified easily within our theme builder.

Add a Business Logo & Favicon

  1. Top User Menu > Settings > Branding
  2. Under Business Logo, Choose File to select an image from your computer (png, jpg or jpeg file), and click Upload
  3. You also have the option to upload a Favicon  (a .ico format file) - this is used in browser tabs, browser history, toolbar apps, bookmarks dropdown, search bar, and search bar recommendations. To maintain consistent brand identity, use a square version of your logo and convert to.ico format using an online tool such as use as iconifier.net, prodraw.net, or faviconer.com.
  4.  Click Save Configuration

Design Your BoothBook Using the Theme Builder

Note: The below branding in Theme Builder is reflected on the following customer facing pages:

Booking widget page, booking form, payment and checkout pages, client portal, webforms, any landing pages where customer select custom work e.g. custom start screens. 

As you make changes to your branding, they will be reflected on the landing page preview on the right. Don't worry, these changes are not live until you click Save.

  1. Theme Type - Select Theme Builder, unless you intend to add custom CSS (advanced)
  2. Presets - Optionally choose from our pre-built presets. You can add further customisation to these presets below. If you would like to start from scratch, there is no need to select from this list as you can choose from the options below to reflect your business branding.
  3. Background Style - From the dropdown, choose a solid background colour or a gradient. If you select gradient, you can choose the angle, start and end colours. 
  4. Header Background - You can control the opacity of the header (the top section beneath the brand logo) and whether you'd like a separate colour, or for it to blend into the background colour for a more seamless look. 
  5. Primary & Secondary Buttons - Choose the button and text colours for the call-to-action buttons and the calendar selection block
  6.  Headings - Choose the colour and font style of the primary heading text
  7. Text - Choose the colour and font style of the paragraph and smaller text areas
  8. Form Field Styling - From the dropdown, select Classic, Minimal or Rounded which will affect the button outline shapes.
  9. Light & Dark Mode - Choose from the dropdown. This has a subtle affect on the styling. Depending on the overall colour scheme, it will make your outlines and elements stand out.

Customise your Invoices

This area only edits the colours on your invoice. If you would like to edit the written content, labels and more display options, use the text links below 'INVOICE BRANDING'.

Use the below colour sections to align your invoices with your branding. 

Customise Email Headers

Optionally choose if you would like to add a solid header colour to the top of your email headers, or keep simple and white allowing your logo to stand out. 

Customise your App Branding

When customers download your booking app to allow access to their client portal, you can control the colours, logo and app name. This will make you stand out from your competition, looks more professional and established, as well as being at the forefront of your clients mind (and prompting them with payment!)

Need More Customisation?

You can further tailor the way your BoothBook system looks using a custom style sheet - Find out more here

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