How to set up iCal integration and sync calenders

How to find the unique calendar link for you and your staff


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In BoothBook, each user can integrate bookings with their external calendars such as iCal on iPhones, or Outlook Calendars on windows PCs. Any calendar application that accepts an ICS file will work, by using your unique calendar URL from BoothBook.

Who sees what.

Each user has their own unique calendar link. Depending on their permissions they will see different information. 

Attendants - Using their own link attendants will see the upcoming bookings they have been assigned to. 

Admins - Using their own link, admins will see all upcoming bookings in their calendar whether they are assigned to them or not. 

Getting the information you will need from BoothBook.

1. Click your user icon

2. Click My Calendar and scroll to the bottom

3. Click on the link in Sync your Calendar, and right click and copy.

Integrating your Bookings with Google Calendar

Please view the video above, or follow the steps below...

1. Go to

2. On the left hand menu, next to Other Calendars, click the plus (+) sign

3. Choose From URL

4. Copy the calendar URL from your BoothBook dashboard and paste it into the URL of Calendar field

5. Click Add calendar

Integrating your Bookings with your Ipad or Iphone

1. Go to settings on your device.

2. Scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendar

3. Tap Calendar

4. Tap Passwords and Accounts

5. Tap Add Account

6. Select Other at the bottom of the list

7. Tap Add Subscribed Calendar

8. Add the calendar URL found on your BoothBook dashboard

9. Scroll down and save.

You should now see all of your booking information in your iCalendar. 

Syncing with outlook:


Is your calendar not syncing? Try these steps to resolve it.

Go to Configuration> Global settings> More integrations. Find the Ical secret number field and ensure it has an 8 digit number in it. If it is blank fill it with a random 8 digit number.

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