Mileage and Travel Fees

Charge a fee for travel to events and extra miles or kilometers


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You may want to take into account how far you are willing to travel to an event and charge accordingly. When customers are booking your services, they can enter their venue postcode into the relevant box on the booking form, click outside of the box once entered and it will calculate the travel fee they will need to pay if any.

Watch the video below to see how to enable mileage charges (click the full screen to see the footage closer!)

Written Instructions

To configure Mileage & Travel Fee Calculations:

  • Go to the Top User Menu > Settings
  • Navigate to Additional Pricing
  • Enter the Distance Units for what you want customers to see: Miles or Kilometers. (After changing this value, you may wish to save the page to see other fields update.)
  • Tick Enable Mileage Charges in order for the travel fee to be calculated based on your business postcode and the venue postcode a customer enters while booking.
  • In the Free Mileage Cap box, set the distance you are willing to travel for free based on one way.
  • In the Price per additional mile/ kilometer box, set the price per mile/km that you will charge customers for every mile over the Free Mileage Cap.
  • However if the travel goes further than the max mileage, the rest of the form will become disabled with this. If you would like to enable this simply increase your Max Mileage limit of remove it entirely.
  • Click Save Configuration

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