How to charge a Deposit / Retainer

How to set a deposit amount for customers booking online


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Setting a global deposit amount

Go to "Global Settings", then "Booking Form" and scroll down to "Payment Options"

You can set the amounts you would like customers to be able to pay when booking.

You can choose between a fixed amount (e.g. $100) or a percentage amount (e.g. 25%).

Setting a deposit amount per Unit Type

For more control over your deposits, and to charge a different deposit per Unit Type (service), you can set the deposit on the Unit Type. 

Go to "Assets" > "Unit Types" and create or edit a unit type.

Expand the section for "Advanced settings" and set your overridden deposit amount for this unit type. Now when a customer books this service, they will pay the overridden deposit, and not the global one.

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