Translating BoothBook into different languages

Customise form text, messages and change the language with 'Translate'


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Your BoothBook system comes with text and messages set up by default but if you would like to make them more personal to your business or change the language, go to the Top User Menu > Settings, then to Translate

Update the language or text in individual sections of the system

  • Landing Page - including welcome message, calendar and customer widget titles and labels
  • Booking Form titles, messages, field labels, descriptions, warnings and button text
  • Units Descriptions Page button text
  • Client Portal / Manage booking page labels, special offers and payments block text
  • Checkout and Checkout Review page titles and field labels
  • Customer Messages that show throughout the booking process
  • Template Chooser titles, labels and button text
  • Invoices fields labels and message areas

Import Your Language

If you'd like the customer facing side of your BoothBook to be one of the following languages, you're able to import these by going to Top User Menu > Settings > Translate > choose language from the Import Language selector 

  • English, UK
  • English, US
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

    By selecting an imported language and saving the page, this will overwrite any individual changes that have been made.

Enabling Multiple Languages / Language Switcher

It is not currently possible to enable multiple languages on BoothBook, or to have a language switcher. 

There are various plugins available online that might do this for you. You can then embed their code on your message pages. However, most modern browsers already offer this as standard. If the user has set their browser to a different language than your system is in, their browser will ask if they would like it translated.

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