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BoothBook is available to use by many different countries, which is why you may need to set the currency in your system to the one you want to use. Currency settings will default to UK GBP and the £ sign. You are able to change which currency you want to use by going to the Top User Menu > Settings > Contact and Location> Currency Code.

The Currency Code

The Booth Book system needs to know which currency you want to use in order to successfully carry out payment transactions. A valid, three letter Currency Code will need to be present. If you need to change this, you can find out the correct currency code for your country here. Examples of currency codes are:

Change The Currency Symbol

A valid Currency Sign symbol will also need to present in order for you and your customers to be able to see the currency used in places such as on the booking form or in your admin area. To do this, go to Top User Menu > Settings >Contact and Location > Currency and you will need to add your sign to the Currency Sign field.

Click Save Configuration

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