Configure Booking Form

How to configure your booking form


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Go to Top User Menu > Settings > Booking Form

Style & Behaviour

  • Package column count allows you to display packages in 3, 4 or 5 columns across the page.
  • Fully Bookd Display allows you to decide what happens when no packages are available for a unit type (eg. when you only do weekends for a unit type). Show the Unit Type as Fully Booked or hide the unit type entirely.
  • Show or hide the booking calendar widget on your landing page
  • Require a customer to enter an e-mail address before checking availability, and it will add their e-mail to your Lead pipeline.
  • You have the option to hide or display a unit type descriptions page before customers are taken to the booking form.
  • You can hide the calendar from the main booking page for those that would like to not allow people to book themselves.
  • Tick Enable Smooth Scroll to make a user's browser scroll when they choose a service, then package, then extras.
  • Tick Calculate a running total to show a running total on the booking form as the customer chooses packages and extras.
  • When a customer completes the Save a Quote Prompt they're emailed the details and their details go into your Leads center

Save A Quote Prompt

Form Questions

  • Under Hide Fields, you also have the option to hide individual fields from the booking form
  • Under Required Fields, you have the option to force customers to fill in certain questions before they can submit the booking.
  • Under How did you hear about us? you can update the options that customers can choose from to tell you how they heard about your business - find out more here

    Change labels and messages in Translate.

Custom Form Questions

  • Add your own Custom Text Field questions on your booking form
  • Add your own Custom Select Field questions on your booking form

Find out how to use Custom Form Questions.

Payment Options

Choose how much a customer should pay during the booking process: Deposit, Full Balance, and/ or Pay Later. If Deposit is ticked, choose the deposit that customers must pay to secure a booking eg. 50, then in Booking Deposit Format you can also choose whether the amount is a fixed amount ( eg. £50 ) or a percentage amount ( eg. 50% ).

In Force Full Balance, enter the number of days before a booking date that the customer must pay full balance such as 7 days. Then, for example, if a customer is booking for 3 days time, you want them to pay in full, and not have to chase them for a remaining balance.

Admin Notifications

  • If you are seeing Low Traffic warnings (only admins see this), you have the option to disable the block.
  • If you have Extras products that run out eg. USB Sticks, you are able to set a stock amount on these such as 100, and set a global stock threshold such as 10 so that you are notified when you are getting low.

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