Can I Import Bookings From Another System?

Import events and bookings into BoothBook


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Import Booking Information via Leads CSV

  1. Import your important Booking information via the Leads CSV Importer - follow these instructions
2. For each Lead, Under Options, click Convert to Booking > Amend.

a) Add in any other missing details and tick Disable Notifications (so the customer doesn't receive a Booking Confirmation email), then click Book Now -    more instructions here

b) Once the booking is saved, untick Disable Notifications from within your Bookings List. so that the customer receives all notifications going forward

3. You can benefit immediately from any scheduled communications with your current customers eg. payment reminders.

4. As you add in your Bookings, your Unit availability will adjust automatically. New customers will be able to book you whilst you're confident in the knowledge that BoothBook is taking care of your equipment availability.

This makes the entire uploading process more streamlined and reliable. All important booking data ie. Customer details, Event Type, Event Date can be imported and you can then add the additional unit information for that booking ie. Booked Unit, Timings, Event Location etc, once you've converted the lead contact into a booking.

Why do we not have an automatic Import Bookings feature?

You're able to move bookings from an alternative booking system by manually adding bookings or import data via our Leads CSV then convert. However we do not offer an full import bookings feature by design because when adding in your bookings into BoothBook:

  • Photobooth units availability will start to adjust automatically
  • Future notifications can be scheduled for those existing bookings
  • You can see the real journey that your customers goes through and tweak where necessary
  • You get a really good grasp of the way that BoothBook works helping you improve:

  • The configuration for your unique company
  • The training of your staff
  • The trust in your system to run your business

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