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How to edit contract text, update terms and conditions, or change the contract text for an individual customer


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Your customers can digitally sign a contract whilst going through the booking process or after they've booked within their client portal. In order to set this up, Go to Top User Menu > Settings and navigate to the Contracts> Preferred Contracts/Terms Method.

You may ask customers to either electronically sign a contract, or simply tick a checkbox to accept your terms or both.

Accept Terms & Conditions

Enter a valid URL, including the "http://" that points to a terms and conditions page on your business website.

Require Customers to Sign a Contract When Booking

You can tick Force redirect to contract, if you want to force customers to e-sign your contract before paying anything. If you don't select this, customers will be able to proceed and book and pay without signing anything, but you will be able to schedule/manually send them a contract link via email after they have booked.

Editing your Global Contract Text

Go to Top User Menu > Settings > Contracts to edit your contract text.

Write or copy and paste your contract text into the textarea. Add variables that get replaced with booking details, so every contract is completely automated and customised to the exact service they booked, and for the date and time. 

You can also add in extra checkboxes for clients to tick important areas of the contract using the variable: {{section_checkbox|I confirm}}. You may replace the "I confirm" text with your own wording, check out the video below:

Conditional Variables

You can show different contract text depending on which service/ unit type a customer has chosen. Find out more information in this article: Using Conditional Variables for Multiple Service Contracts

View & Edit an Individual Booking's Contract

View a booking's contract by going to your Bookings List (diary icon), navigate to the booking number you need, click on the score in the top right hand side of the booking details (e.g. 0/2) and click on View. This is how the customer will see their contract.

If the customer hasn't signed the contract yet, you can also manually edit the contract per booking. For example, if you need to amend a line on the contract for a certain customer or remove / add a clause for a specific event, navigate to the booking in your Bookings List, click on the score in the top right hand side of the booking details (e.g. 0/2) and click on Edit. Make the updates required, click Save Contract Text at the bottom and the page will reload to the contract view.

Deleting a Contract

You can delete a signed contract by viewing the contract via the checklist link on the booking form, and then clicking the delete button. Please be aware that there is no going back, once you delete this signed contract, the signed version will be removed forever, so it is a good idea to save a copy before you remove it.

If you are deleting a signed, custom edited contract from a booking, your custom updates will remain in that booking's contract text, ready for it to be updated/ signed again.

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