I Use BoothBook, How Do I Claim My Free BoothGallery Pro Account?


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If you're a BoothBook Basic, Pro or Enterprise user, you can get a BoothGallery Pro Account for FREE and take advantage of extra features:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Event Galleries
  • BoothBook Integration
  • Private/ Public Galleries
  • Password Protected Galleries
  • Zip File Downloads
  • Colour Branding
  • Homepage of Galleries
  • Logo & Image Branding
  • Analytics Integration
  • Facebook Sync 

Step 1 - Find Your BoothBook API Keys

  • Log into your BoothBook account at eg. booking.mybusiness.co.uk/user
  • Top User Menu > click on the Developer Button
  • Copy your Client Key
  • Copy your Client Secret

    ** Please remember to keep your keys safe, and never display your secret key in public. If you believe someone has access to your secret key that shouldn't, you can click the "Regenerate Key" button to change your secret key **

Step 2 - Add API Keys to Your BoothGallery Account Payment & Billing Page

  • Sign up/ Log into your BoothGallery account.
  • Navigate to your Payment & Billing page
  • Enter your BoothBook URL eg. booking.mybusiness.co.uk
  • Paste in your Client Key
  • Paste in your Client Secret
  • Click Submit

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