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Set up a full gallery page for your customers to view your event images and videos


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This feature applies to BoothGallery Pro Accounts - Get a FREE BoothGallery Pro Account with your Basic BoothBook subscription.

Create a page to showcase your events on a BoothGallery Home page. This Gallery Home page will use your own business' subdomain.

Step 1 - Add Your Subdomain and A Record

  1. You will need to create an A Record in your domain hosting account and point it at - see Create a BoothGallery Subdomain for further help connecting your subdomain. 
  2. Go to your BoothGallery Dashboard > Global Settings > Subdomain
  3. Add your subdomain eg. and you'll see a success message when it's connected successfully

Step 2 - Edit Your Branding 

  1. In your BoothGallery Dashboard > Global Settings > Branding, the options you set here will determine the look and style of your home page, and these will also be the default branding style when creating a new event.
  2. You can add a logo, background image, set the background image size/ position/ behaviour/ colour and set the font colour for the page.
  3. Click Save

Step 3 - Review Your Page

  1. View your Home page by entering your subdomain eg. into your URL address bar in your browser

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