Why Can't I Change Prices in Packages and Extras?


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"1 bookings currently have 1 Hour Additional Hire selected. It is not safe to change the price, as it will affect all existing bookings."

"3 bookings currently have Standard selected. It is not safe to change the price, as it will affect all existing bookings."

From time to time, you may run across the messages above, warning that you cannot change the price on these items.

The Reason

The reason that these fields have been blocked is because this extra or package is already referenced in an existing booking somewhere else. All bookings on BoothBook are in a live management state, this means that the total price of the booking is not fixed at the time of checkout, which is very useful for a system aimed at upselling extras onto bookings to earn you more money. This also allows you to override prices when you "do deals" for customers, or need to offer a special rate to match a competitor.

By blocking these fields off after they have been referenced, it stops you changing the price and affecting all existing bookings.

The Solution

To solve this situation, if you want to stop all future customers from purchasing this product at this price, you should enable the checkbox at the top of the edit page called "Disable this package" or "Disable this Extra". This will hide the item from the booking form, and place it at the bottom of the list on your manage extras, or manage packages page.

Cloning Existing Extras and Products

If you want to clone an Extra, you can click the "Clone" button on the Manage Extras and Manage Packages pages to replicate the item, change the price (or any other details), make sure it is enabled, and click save.

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