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What is a live chat widget?

From the moment your lead lands on your BoothBook URL ie. bookings.yourboothcompany.com, pop up window will appear on their screen. This will allow the customer to communicate with you instantly if they have a question, rather than wait around for an email response which could take hours. There are many live chat widgets out there and we have chosen our top selection which we feel will work best for your business. 

What are the benefits of enabling a live chat widget?

1. Reduces expenses

2. Increases sales

3. Improves customer service and loyalty

4. Discover customer pain points

5. Faster problem resolutions

6. Customer convenience

7. Competitive advantages

8. Expand market reach

9. Proactive outreach

10. Reports and analytics

Written Instructions:

How do I enable a widget onto my BoothBook?

Go To > Top User Menu > Settings> Integrations > Live Chat

- You will automatically have 'none' ticked until you have chosen your preferred widget.

- Select the widget you would prefer to use. To understand more about each live chat integration, click the blue title in each box.

- To set up with any of the widgets, you will need to add in the below:

Tawk.to - Insert your Tawkto Account Number

Log into your Tawk.to account, click on settings, and copy the Site ID from your property settings.

FB Messenger - Insert your Facebook Messenger Chat Code

Go to your Facebook page settings and click on Messaging. Click Get Started next to "Add Messenger to your Website" to configure your chat widget. Once completed, click to copy the embed code and paste it here. You will also need to add your BoothBook URL into the "Add Website Domain" section to allow the widget to work on this system.

Zendesk chat - Insert your Zendesk Chat Code

In your Zendesk account, click on settings, then widget, then copy the embed code.

Intercom - Insert your Intercom Account Number

LiveChat - Insert your Livechat Account Number

FreshChat - Insert your Freshchat Account Number

The code you need for freshchat is your Visitor Widget Token, you can find this under Account settings >> Integration settings

Drift - Insert your Drift Account Number

ManyChat- Insert your ManyChat Account Number

TIDIO- Insert your Tidio Account Number

Formilla - Insert your Formilla Account Number


If you wish to use another live chat widget that isn't listed above, all you need to do is click 'Set up live chat widget through another third party' and paste their widget code into the blank box.

What Does the Live Chat Widget show to Customers?

Your Live Chat widget will show to customers during the booking process from the booking form and all customer facing pages thereafter (except for when they're signing a contract).

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