PART 3 - Set Up Your BoothBook in 1 Day


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At this point, you should have completed the video tutorial for Part 1 and Part 2.

In this video we will be covering the second half of your set up checklist. By the end of this, you will be at 94% completion. The other 6% is selecting your subscription and going live! :-)

Any additional video tutorials will include more advanced configurations which we highly recommend following. BoothBook is constantly growing and releasing new features which can be optimised whilst you're customers are still using your booking system.

This video tutorial covers the following:

  • Setting up your Payment Gateways e.g. Square, Stripe, PayPal
  • Branding your BoothBook
  • Adding a test booking *at this point you should have created your contract from Part 2*
  • Configuring the items, rules and appearance of your booking system
  • Setting up any additional pricing e.g. mileage charges
  • Adding and managing staff members/attendants
  • Adding our widgets to your website e.g. calendar availability widget, lead capture form
  • How to create a scheduled notification including examples
  • Additional rules surround your Extras Groups

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